QuickBooks bookkeeping services for small businesses in Nebraska and Iowa provided by an experienced professional known for her integrity, organization and customer focus.

“Vicki is an organized and knowledgeable individual that is always smiling, full of energy and easy to work with. She keeps clean, accurate records and makes a daunting task manageable and worry-free. I highly recommend her services.”

– Karli Newman –

“Vicki has been a lifesaver! As a small business owner, I do not have the time to stay on top of our monthly QuickBooks. Vicki ensures that our monthly entries are done on time and done correctly. This has allowed us to know exactly where we are financially with our business’s profit and loss statements. It has helped us keep our expenditures in line with our budgets, which has helped us improve the bottom line. Best of all, Vicki’s services are priced extremely reasonable.”

– Lisa Powell –

“Working with you has helped to simply my life. Having you do our books has yielded benefits beyond just saving money. More than that, working with you has given me back some of the most precious asset. That which is the most valuable and very finite. Something we cannot buy at any price. That would be time.In addition to time, you have given me peace of mind. I no longer have to sweat sales tax deadlines, filing of this or that. Just knowing that “you got it” allows me to sleep just a little easier! Having you do our books has made simplified dealings with our CPA, too. Obviously, this is a win-win, money saving proposition. I have, and will continue to recommend you and your services to those people I meet who may be looking for someone like you to help. I am happy to share the benefits of having your services, mostly YOU! Your integrity and professionalism are beyond reproach. I couldn’t imagine how we could function without you as part of our team! Thank you so much for all that you do. You are an amazing professional, and someone I am proud to call a friend, too.

– Carl, Quality Pest Control, Omaha, NE –