“I hired Vicki Allely to assist with my bookkeeping in April 2012 and I am so grateful for her help. When I started my own business nearly four years ago, I told myself I would do all the bookkeeping on my own to save money. I dreaded quarterly tax returns and end of year taxes because I always accrued extra accounting expenses not to mention extra stress. As my business grew, so did the bookkeeping responsibilities. Vicki is so efficient, detail-oriented, and cost effective. I didn’t realize that hiring her isn’t an expense at all, it’s actually an INVESTMENT because it frees up time for me to focus on marketing, networking, and everything else that a business owner should really focus on. The fees I pay Vicki actually save me money because my bookkeeping is “clean” and ready to send to my CPA, which cuts down on additional accounting expenses and stress. My only regret is that I didn’t hire Vicki sooner. If you’re looking to save money and time and gain peace of mind, then hire Vicki. I highly recommend it.”